My favorite class in QC

April 25th, 2012

My favorite classes so far in Queens College has been Psychology 101 and intro to business and liberal arts. Psychology 101 is an intro and the main reason why I enjoyed the class was because I enjoyed all the aspects of psychology and the way something so small can have such an important meaning. Psychology is also such a broad subject because it contains many different fields such as Industrial Organization psychology, Neuropsychology, Behavioral psychology along with a few more. Psychology is also applied to a lot of different things for example psychology plays a large role in business. In business psychology is used to manipulate people and in order to keep them coming back for more. Psychologists learn what the needs and wants of the people are and use psychological strategies in order to satisfy the costumer. I learned the role of psychology in business in my intro to business class which is another class I truly enjoy. For both these classes I’ve had amazing teachers who really connected well with the students. Having a good teacher definitely contributes to the enjoyment of the class along with the interesting subject.

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