My Merits

April 29th, 2012

In my senior in high school I was head of drama and costume designer of the school production. Even though I graduated I was head costume designer for the school production for this year as well. It was a good experience and a lot of hard work because I had to start each costume from scratch. I had to go looking for the right material, design the right cut out and then sew the pieces together. I gained a lot from both of those jobs. I learned to be creative, to work with what I have and I learned how to be a leader, to work as a team, and to delegate what I could not do myself. Those are important tactics to know when you’re applying for a job or if you’re already in the working field. You have to learn how to work with others who may not agree with you all the time and you have to know how to use the tools and material that is given to you in order to show that you could do the best that you can.

I also volunteered at New York Hospital Queens for three months. I worked with children in the child life department and I was there to keep them entertained, read them books etc. when their parents were not around. I also made up projects for them to make and sometimes I would just sit and listen to them talk if they needed someone there for them. This job gave me experience working in a hospital with nurses doctors and parents, which was a very different work environment then I was used to.

I would be a good candidate for this scholarship because I’m a determined person and I get things done when I’m told. In addition, I’m creative and I could work with what I have and I have good people skills. My past working experiences has been in various working environments which gives me the ability to be easily adjusted to any work environment I may be put in.


Paying with Paper

April 25th, 2012



My favorite class in QC

April 25th, 2012

My favorite classes so far in Queens College has been Psychology 101 and intro to business and liberal arts. Psychology 101 is an intro and the main reason why I enjoyed the class was because I enjoyed all the aspects of psychology and the way something so small can have such an important meaning. Psychology is also such a broad subject because it contains many different fields such as Industrial Organization psychology, Neuropsychology, Behavioral psychology along with a few more. Psychology is also applied to a lot of different things for example psychology plays a large role in business. In business psychology is used to manipulate people and in order to keep them coming back for more. Psychologists learn what the needs and wants of the people are and use psychological strategies in order to satisfy the costumer. I learned the role of psychology in business in my intro to business class which is another class I truly enjoy. For both these classes I’ve had amazing teachers who really connected well with the students. Having a good teacher definitely contributes to the enjoyment of the class along with the interesting subject.

Hope on the Rez

April 6th, 2012

I’ve never heard of the American Indian College Fund before watching this video and I was also not aware this issue of college that existed on Native American reservations. It’s amazing to see what the American Indian College Fund is doing to help people on the reservations to attend college. In my opinion, college is a very important factor in life and in order to do better college is necessary. However, college could get very expensive and it is a large issue on the reservations. It is important to always apply for as many scholarships as possible and to fight to stay in college. All the students in this video are doing just that and taking care of families as well. That is something very hard to do and it shows how determined and driven the students on the reservation are.

College Life Flashmob

March 27th, 2012

My Major in College

March 26th, 2012

I declared my major at the start of my second semester. My major is Psychology. Psychology is a broad field and someone can do a lot with a major in psychology. There are many different fields such as behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, neuro psychology and many more. I want to pursue a career in neuro psychology.  It’s psychology of the brain. I could do clinical work, where I could directly work with patients or I could chose to do research in the field. If I would work with patients it would probably be with patients with brain diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. The average salary of a neuro psychologist  is $90,460. So it’s a good starting pay and in my opinion a very interesting field.

Accepted Movie Trailer

March 26th, 2012